V09 Update : Secrets, Rankings, Endings, Menus, Custom Controls, Fixes, Discord, Linux Build

Hey Golden Griffins! The school year is nearly here, and with it, some Greek Tragedy updates!

Word from campus– this game is very nearly finished, so here’s an updated demo! Please enjoy the new features and content below. Should you survive, stop by the discord (https://discord.gg/TQpRZV2E3a) to post your ranking (can anyone beat mine? Naaaaaaaah).

Secret Endings

Greek Tragedy Rooftop

  • This demo : 3 endings (one of which is exclusive to the demo)
  • Full game : 7 endings

End-of-Game Rankings

Greek Tragedy Ranking System

  • All “good” endings now award a ranking– Minus (-), Neutral, or Plus (+). Go for rank “X+” !!
  • Can you beat the demo in 90 seconds? There may be something waiting if you do…

New Visual Styles

Including VHS–

Clean Low-Poly–

And the original Faux PSX–

Controller Support + Remappable Controls

  • Tested with Xbox 360 controllers on Windows



v09_linux_demo_greek_tragedy.zip 166 MB
Aug 31, 2021
v09_mac_demo_greek_tragedy.zip 168 MB
Aug 31, 2021
v09_windows_demo_greek_tragedy.zip 147 MB
Aug 31, 2021

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Oh. My. Goodness. So many devs do not know how to do a proper changelog, yet this one hit it out of the park!

You know your stuff. I hope this game does well

(now to get around to actually playinggg)